Church Bus Policies
The Bus Ministry of First Baptist Church (____________________) shall be operated under the general supervision of the Van Committee.
The Bus Ministry will provide safe, dependable group transportation for the church family to enhance the programs and ministries of the church.
Operating Policy
  • A. Use of the Bus
    • ELIGIBILITY: Any FBC (___________________) group has approval and authority to use the bus. Groups sponsored by or connected to FBC (___________________) shall be allowed to use the bus upon special request made to the Administrator and subject to approval of the Van Committee. Trips of extended miles must be cleared through the Church Administrator in consultation with the Van Committee.
    • NUMBER OF PASSENGERS REQUIREMENT: The maximum number of passengers MAY NOT exceed the 15 or 25 passenger capacity of the bus design, including the driver. The minimum number of passengers for an out of county trip is to be 15 (including the driver) for the 25 capacity bus and 6 (including the driver) for the 15 capacity bus. No minimum number is required for pick-up on Sunday morning.
    • SCHEDULING PROCEDURE: All proposed uses of the bus should be requested through the Church Calendar Secretary. Groups that are not direct ministries of FBC (___________________) can reserve the bus no more than one month prior to use. Priority is given to Sunday morning pick-up. The organization or group using the bus is responsible for securing a driver from the approved list.
    • POINT OF ORIGIN: The bus will leave from and return to the church parking lot. The bus will be parked in the designated parking area.
    • TRIP SUPERVISION: It is the responsibility of the group or trip sponsor using the bus to provide the proper adult supervision. Adult/child ratios will be kept according to the church’s Safe Sanctuary Policy guidelines.
    • PASSENGER CONDUCT: All users of the church bus are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies Christian principles. The Van Committee reserve the right to deny use of the bus to passengers whose conduct becomes detrimental to the general safety of the group. Vandalism or property damage shall be paid for by the person/group responsible for the damage and constitutes due reason to deny use of the bus for future trips. Trip sponsors and adult supervisors shall have sole responsibility for passenger conduct.
    • BUS CLEANLINESS: Each group is responsible for cleaning the bus, including picking up all refuse, cleaning spills and clearing all debris from the seats and floor. A fee of $50.00 will be assessed any group that does not adequately clean the bus.
    • TRIP RECORDS: The driver is responsible for completing the Bus Checklist and Log, leaving a copy in the church office prior to departure, and returning the original with any comments to the church office following the trip, to be filed in the Bus Log Book.
    • SMOKING POLICY: No smoking is allowed on the bus by passengers or driver.
  • B. Drivers
    • REQUIREMENTS: The Administrative Office shall maintain a list of approved drivers for the church bus.
      • 1. To be approved, a driver must be a member of FBC (___________________) , 25 years of age and have either a:
        • 1. Class D License for the 15 capacity bus
        • 2. Commercial Drivers License with a “P” (passenger) endorsement for the 25 capacity bus.
      • 2. Individual drivers must complete a MVR Check Approval form and provide a copy of their current license prior to operation of the bus. MVR check guidelines include:
        • 1. No DUI’S (driving Under the Influence)
        • 2. No reckless driving in the last five years
        • 3. No more than two moving violations in the previous two years
    • AVAILABILITY: The Administrative Office shall maintain an up-to-date list of approved drivers. It shall be the responsibility of the organization requesting use of the bus to secure its own driver from that approved list.
    • TRIP RESPONSIBILITY: The driver of the church bus will have sole responsibility and authority in matters pertaining to the bus operation, maintenance and safety (see pre-trip check list). The driver is responsible for:
      • 1. Complying with this policy
      • 2. Obeying all traffic laws
      • 3. Closing all windows and locking the bus when passengers depart
      • 4. Returning the key, along with the Bus Checklist and Log, to the church office
    • CHURCH SPOKESPERSON: In any accident or emergency situation involving the church bus, FBC (___________________) should be represented at the scene by only one individual in any ensuing discussion with authorities, insurance representatives, etc. The driver will be the spokesperson on the scene for the church in any such situation.
    • TRAINING AND RESPONSIBILITY: The Van Committee shall insure that all drivers are properly trained in the operation of the bus and that they are supplied with all pertinent information and instructions.
  • C. Operations and Maintenance
    • BUDGET: An amount shall be allocated in the church budget to cover bus expenses for activities not reimbursed.
    • TRIP CHARGES: Each group shall pay .50 per mile and for fuel consumed during the trip. No charge shall be made for the following groups:
      • 1. Riders transported to and from worship services or special church wide services and events
      • 2. Church groups attending District-wide or Conference-wide events
      • 3. Local activities within Madison County
      • 4. Other specific events approved by the Van Committee
    • MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITY: The Van Committee will be responsible for major items of upkeep such as insurance coverage, tires and major repairs. The Building and Grounds Director will also provide for operational maintenance such as registration, fuel, oil and filter/lube, exterior wash, minor turn-ups, etc.
  • D. Insurance
    • The church shall insure the bus. Minimum coverage shall include bodily injury and property damage, liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, fire, theft, comprehensive and collision. The cost of the insurance shall be provided for in the annual church budget.
  • E. Safety
    • At all times, the driver of the church bus shall have final responsibility and authority in matters relating to the safety of the bus and its passengers. In this regard, passenger discipline is considered to be related to safety.
  • F. Outside Use of Bus
    • The bus will not be available to individuals nor to outside groups or organizations.
  • G. Review of Policies
    • All of the foregoing is subject to review at any time by the Van Committee. The Van Committee shall approve exceptions to this policy on an individual basis.