Caskey School of Divinity

Louisiana College

Is this Program for you?

Yes, if you’re a pastor . . . .

What’s the Purpose of the Program?

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry program is designed for pastors like you who want to strengthen their pulpit ministries through expository preaching but who do not intend to earn credit toward a college degree.

How Can a Pastor Earn a Certificate?

You can earn a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry by completing three courses in expository preaching and one course in biblical doctrine.
You can also earn an Advanced Certificate in Expository Preaching Certificate by completing six more expository preaching courses.

The courses have been designed with busy pastors like you in mind. Each course involves three class sessions. Class sessions are set for weekends (Friday night – Saturday afternoon) about once each six weeks. A pastor can earn the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry with an investment of no more than twelve weekends.

What About the Courses?

The following list gives you a sample of the courses offered in the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry program in 2012:
Who Are the Teachers?

The instructors for the courses are seasoned pastors of Southern Baptist churches who also have the academic credentials to teach pastors how to grow as expository preachers.

How Much Does this Certification Cost?

Southern Baptist pastors who enroll in the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry program will be able to receive scholarships that will cover the cost of the tuition for the courses. Assistance with lodging may also be available under certain circumstances. You’ll pay for items like textbooks (about $50 per course), the initial application fee ($30), your travel to the Louisiana College campus.

Where Do I Go for More Information?

Call us at 318.487.7737
visit us at for more information.

Caskey School of Divinity
Louisiana College
1140 College Drive Box 555
Pineville, LA 71359

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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